Why BEMA MEDICAL is the best partner for you? We personally place our doctors, assuring the doctors are not only in their best practice team, but also in the location of their dreams. Happy Doctors, make happy hospital teams, make happy and healthier patients

Personal Placement: We take each Hospital and GP Clinic team personality and current skill set into consideration when placing our doctors. Our placements not only suit the required skill sets for the positions, but also fit into the current hospital culture, strengthening the team as a whole.

Paperwork assistance: Our doctors are quick starters, partly because we cover all the help the doctor may need with step by step registration processes. This process can be quite time consuming, so we are here to help the doctors and talk to the Medical Board/Council on your behalf, letting you focus on the more important things such as working with your current team and those ever changing rosters.

Our specialist teams supply the full range of medical professions across anaesthetics, dental, emergency medicine, GP, medicine, obs and gynae, paediatrics and neonates, pathology, haematology, microbiology, psychiatry, radiology and surgical specialties.



  • Registration form: You fill out the Registration form and submit your CV

  • Life-goals conversation: We call or SKYPE you to discuss: Your medical skills to find the perfect hospital or medical centre for your area(s) of expertise. Your lifestyle and personal goals to find your perfect location. We locate available job positions that match your professional skills/aspirations in a location where you may best fulfill your lifestyle wishes, and then discuss these with you. Medical Registration: We provide a step by step instruction list for registration with the national medical board, and answer any questions you may have along the way

  • Job Applications and Interviews: Correct application forms: We provide you with the correct application forms for your particular position(s), and support you through the application process. Interviews: We help set up your interviews so they run smoothly even if there are major time zone differences.

  • Working visa: employeur responsibility - we ensure you to send the right paper to the employeur. Relocation Assistance: Once everything is set and you are ready to move, we provide you with additional information to assist in the relocation - tried and true removalist companies to move your household goods across the oceans, help setting up bank accounts before you arrive, help with communications providers so you may always have a working phone, and all the other little things that assure a smooth relocation, so you can get excited about the future without worrying about the details.


  • Dr J.R.


    The team was concerned not only with the fact that I was happy with my new job, but if it was what I thought it was going to be.

    Dr A.K.

    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

    Friendly and approachable recruitment staff, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Thanks for their great work!

    Dr A.B.


    The staff was more than helpful, they were supportive and there for me every step of the way. I would and have recommended them.

  • A-M. F

    Director of University Hospital.

    I am very satisfied with their service and the competent specialists they send me


    Head of Clinic

    I have no hesitation in recommending this team to any progressive organisation who desires to lift organisational performance through hiring the right people.


    Manager of Clinics

    The team did everything to ensure my satisfaction as a client. Their candidates are capable and pleasant to work with. I obviously plan to continue utilizing their services in the future.

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